Procedures  交易流程

1]  Buyer issues an LOI or ICPO with permissionfor bank soft probe.


2] Seller forwards Draft contract, signed/sealed.


3] Contracts agreed and hard copies exchanged by DHL, Mail, Fax [Buyer’s choice]


4] Buyer then :   然后买方

        [a] Issues a non-operative L/C for seller’s bank


Or  或者

        [b] Issues [if desired] a SWIFT 799 for POF [Proof of Funds],Seller responds through the same SWIFT with POP [Proof of Product]  bank to bank.

        买方银行向卖方银行提供SWIFT 799,然后卖方银行以同样方式证明卖方货物和货物证明

THEN   然后

        Buyer issues a non-operative L/C for seller’s  bank.


5] Seller activates thenon-operative L/C  by issuing a 2%Perfomance Bond and POP.


6]  Delivery commences as per the schedule ofshipments in the contract between the buyer/seller until completion of thecontracted quantity.


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